Food Trader

A global direct sourcing blockchain enabled platform for price bidding, track orders and secured-escrow account payment protocol.



Meats such as beef, lamb, pork and mutton are carefully sourced for quality assurance from countries as far wide as Australia to as close to home as Philippines.



Our chicken and ducks are pre packed and sealed to maintain freshness to bring you a better product.



Freshly caught seafood is cleaned,packed and stored according to our strict guidelines to ensure you always received the best produce for your use.



We source for the most ripe fruits ranging from sweet granny smith apples to tangy tangerines.



We host a variety of fresh vegetables from the region sourced by our very own country managers and delivered fresh to your establishment.


Dried Goods / Spices

We carry a variety of spices and nuts ranging from cinnamon in Sri lanka to cashews in India.


Sauces / Condiments

We also carry sauces and condiments such as our premium soy sauce from Thailand.



We ship in a wide variety of beverages ranging from wines from thailand to chile and other selections.